All the books! Dr. Seuss and His Friends Printable Booklists

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Kids have such fun collecting our beloved Dr. Seuss and His Friends titles as part of our book club, and we recently realized we tend to get the same questions over and over from customers:
How many books can my child collect as part of the club? * Will we receive [a particular book] as part of the club? * How do I keep track of what books we’ve already received?
In response to these questions, we’ve put together these adorable checklists to help you keep track of which books your child has collected so far, and what they have to look forward to in future shipments. These lists make great motivational tools as well, as kids can check off the books that they have read so far (independently or with you!), which keeps them coming back for more quality reading time. If you become a super collector and read every single book below, let us know – we want to celebrate you with something special!
Just click the images below for the complete printer-friendly Dr. Seuss Book List, organized by reading level. Good luck collecting them all, and happy reading!