5 Best Board Games That Are Anything But Boring

Boys playing a board game

Board games are a great way to explore and reinforce reading skills. And although Scrabble and Boggle are wonderful word games for ages 8 and up, Scrabble Junior and Boggle Junior are less-than-stellar alternatives for the budding readers in our lives. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternative, … [Read more...]

Google Earth ABCs!


Here's an advanced alphabet challenge: Take your kids on a geography letter scavenger hunt. If you have Google Earth on your computer (and you should, because it's free and it's amazing) then try this puzzler with your family: Search the planet and try to spot all the letters from A to Z. Okay. … [Read more...]

Block Party


I have a personal theory. As you grow older, your IQ begins to decline. Then, when you have children between the ages of 1 and 5, your problem-solving and spatial-relationships skills temporarily spike upwards. Why is that? Because you spend hours each day, repacking stacking-blocks containers and … [Read more...]

Irish You’d Read These: St. Patrick’s Day Books

Reading List Roundup: St. Patrick's Day

  It's not possible St. Patrick could have imagined how, 1600 years in the future, millions of schoolchildren would chase each other around, pinching anyone not wearing an article of green clothing. Yet here we are....and in keeping with that and many other great St. Patrick's Day … [Read more...]



In keeping with our last post about timeless books and stories, here is our own take on the infinitely retold story of Cinderella. In our special "Most Amazing Story" version, the focus is on animals and their fabulous feet.This is one of the many bonus videos you'll find inside our Learn to Read … [Read more...]

A Great Week For Reading


Thanks for making this a great week for reading! We wrap up our posts on Read Across America Day with these thoughts: Celebrate reading every day. Reading should be done with a sense of play. Read to your family and your neighbors, too. Read the fine print on the bottom of your shoe. Read to … [Read more...]

Put On Your Birthday Suess


Tuesday is Read Across America Day. It takes place each year on the birthday of Dr. Seuss, and encourages schools and families across the USA to celebrate books and reading. For the week, our local elementary school has children dressing up each day for a different Seuss book: Monday, March 1st: … [Read more...]

A Jim Dandy Book

2-Snakes (1)

We're happy to spread the word that one of our favorite artists, Bryan Langdo, has just illustrated a new picture book. Diamond Jim Dandy and the Sheriff by Sarah Burell tells the story of the day a giant rattlesnake arrived in the town of Dustpan, Texas. Now, Dustpan is a quiet and peaceful … [Read more...]

Cut It Out!

basic 1

Today, we celebrate ALPHABET COOKIE CUTTERS, those wonderful metal or plastic widgets that can turn snack time into learning moments. Before passing out that cookie, let's see who can name an animal, or a place, or a person whose name starts with that letter. Turn that W cookie upside … [Read more...]

Laughing with Letters


Question: What comes twice in a moment, once in a minute, but not once in a thousand years? Answer: The letter M They're clumsy, they're clunky, but alphabet jokes are a great and fun way to learn letters, and to think about reading in different ways. Here are some books we've found full of … [Read more...]

The Biteys: Best Food ABCs of 2009


The votes are in, and here are the official winners of the 2009 Bitey Awards. These are the best food ABCs of the year. Enjoy! First Place: "EATPHABET" by Luiza Prado 2nd Place: "VALUE PACK" by Robert J. Bolesta 3rd Place: "Apple Alphabet" by Anna Benaroya Honorable … [Read more...]

T is for Table


Kamiya Design has come out with this interesting table and chairs set: While this certaily has its limitations (only 3 seats, the 'le' only works from one side, only one backrest, etc.) what a great alphabet conversation piece! We tip our hats to abc aficionados everywhere, and now we're on … [Read more...]

E is for ENGAGE!

In the spirit of celebrating the alphabet--wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself--we share with you Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart, of course,) singing 'A You're Adorable' on the bridge of the Enterprise....and a happy intergalactic alphabet to all of you! … [Read more...]

Books that Say “Boo!”


It's the season for ghosts and vampires (and Jedi knights and Hanna Montanas) and werewolves. And, of course, it's a great time for spooky stories and books say "Boo!" The goal for many of us here is to find some great Halloween-themed bedtime tales--but NOT stories that are going to keep kids up … [Read more...]

Introducing Video Thursdays

Starting today, we're launching Video Thursdays. There are so many songs, cartoons and fun videos in the new Learn to Read that we just have to share. As I've said before: "You'll laugh, you'll cry. You'll learn the sound of the letter I." Or... as with today's Video Thursday post, you'll … [Read more...]