Columbus Day Fun for You and Your Child

Happy Columbus Day! While you may not have a chance to experience New York City's amazing Columbus Day parade in person, there's no reason you can't take time out to enjoy this special day with your child -- and celebrate the spirit of exploration and discovery that Christopher Columbus stands … [Read more...]

Everyone Loves a Mystery, Especially Kids


Who doesn't love a mystery? I'm sure there's someone (it's a mystery to me who it could be...) but it's certainly not young readers -- they love them! Mysteries are a great way to teach young readers critical thinking and problem solving, and the thrill of the chase as you tear through a real … [Read more...]

The Perfect Learning Tool for Kids…And They Deliver!

No, I'm not talking about pizza. (Though if you're ever stuck for a way to explain to your kids how a pie chart works, I recommend a half plain, half pepperoni.) One of the best ways to engage your kids with reading and language -- and in the process, give them a real-time sense of the world … [Read more...]

Iowa Brothers Star on the Field and In the Classroom

When you give your child the Hooked on Phonics advantage, there's no telling what that spark of confidence and academic head start will mean to his future. Just look at what happened to Nate and Jeremy Snead of Pella, Iowa. When their father started using Hooked on Phonics with his two boys, … [Read more...]

Monday Inspiration — Dogs Helping Kids Learn to Read

Dogs don't judge. They don't make fun. And they're always ready to lend an ear (or two). What better audience for a child who needs some extra reading practice? As a recent study shows, the family pet might be just the teaching tool your child needs to help make him a confident reader! Children who … [Read more...]

Because Every Child Deserves A Book

The difference between success and struggle can come down to the simplest of things. For many of us, the idea of a home without books, or a neighborhood without a library, seems unimaginable. For those who can't afford or even gain access to books, it's like someone's cutting off their … [Read more...]

Lemonade Stand Economics

Lemonade for Sale

Most people think the recipe for lemonade is water, sugar and lemons. In my house, it's kids, boredom, and 100+ degree summer heat. This past weekend, with record temperatures outside and rampant boredom inside, my kids decided to test their entrepreneurial muscles with an old fashioned … [Read more...]

The Power of Books in the Home

Sisters reading at home

Can simply having more books in the house predict your child's academic future? Does the actual number of books make a difference? An interesting study of households around the world provides some insight—and showcases the power of books, and why strong reading skills can be a jump-start to academic … [Read more...]

Children’s Books I Love, Father’s Day Edition

Bark George

In belated honor of Father's Day, it's time to share my favorite children's books, otherwise known as "Books Kids Love, and Ones This Dad Loves to Read to Them." How does a book make it on this super exclusive list? It's simple. First, it has to be something my kids love. Both of my kids have … [Read more...]

Remembering Stella, and the Books That Got Us Through


The most troubling thing was how quiet the house had become. With two kids, six and nine, our home is rarely silent. That was especially true with Stella in the mix, our Shepherd/who-knows-what pound puppy mutt ambling through the house. Stella was always there to stand guard over late night … [Read more...]