Back to School Writing Games

St Jerome
OK, school has started – time to get your kids in bed earlier and to pack those bag lunches. Soon enough, the inevitable moment will arrive when your child presents you with a homework assignment that asks him or her to write a story. If your child draws a blank, here are some games you might try to get the creative juices flowing.

So get out the pencil and paper. Then challenge your child to do one of the following:

Write a story where every sentence begins with the same letter.
Write a story about a pet that they’ve never had. (Say, a bald eagle or a stegosaurus.)
Write a story where every one of the characters has a funny striking feature (super hairy ears, gigantic nose, ten-inch deep bellybutton, etc.)
Write a story where every character is named after someone in the family.
Write a story that is a sequel to one of their favorite books.
Write a story that’s set entirely in their local playground – until the jungle gym turns into a rocket.
Write a story in rhyme.
Write a story where the main character is really, really thirsty.
Write a story where their teacher is the main character, maybe even the bad guy.
Of course, you don’t need the excuse of a homework assignment to get your kids writing. I’ve found that all most kids need is an idea to get them started. Have fun!


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