Best Books for 6-Year-Olds

Your 6-year-old might already feel confident reading on her own—or she might still be putting the pieces together. No matter where she is on her reading journey, she will still greatly enjoy and learn from the time you spend reading to her. This list of Best Books for 6-Year-Olds is a fun way to continue reading together, and to help you discover what kinds of books your child enjoys most. And if you can find a book series your child enjoys, all the better—you have ready-made choices that will excite your child, and she can build her connection to the books with each one she reads.

The True Story of the 3 Little PigsThe True Story of the 3 Little Pigs
by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith

Everybody knows the story of the three little pigs. But did you ever think about the wolf’s side of the story? This change in perspective is funny, unique, and can really get you and your child talking. Analyzing the motivation of different characters and imagining how the story might be different if you look through a new lens are important life lessons and build strong reading comprehension skills.

Magic Tree House books
by Mary Pope Osborne

This series is the perfect blend of fact and fantasy, presented in a way that is totally engaging for young children. The magic tree house allows its visitors to enter the books they read in its branches, giving you a wide range of titles to choose from that will be interesting to your child. Soccer, pandas, the explosion of Pompeii, dinosaurs . . . you name it, it’s in one of the stories. And best of all, you will probably discover new interests together as you work your way through this addictive series.

Cloudy with a Chance of MeatballsCloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
by Judi and Ron Barrett

This silly story lets your child’s imagination run wild. It’s a tall tale from Grandpa about the town of Chewandswallow, where the rain is actually soup or juice, it snows mashed potatoes, and sometimes storms of hamburgers (or meatballs) blow in. But what happens when the weather takes a turn for the worse? The detailed illustrations in this book are mesmerizing, and they’re great conversation starters.

The Velveteen Rabbit
by Margery Williams

As kids this age settle in to school and become more independent, it can be a struggle to leave behind tokens of childhood like favorite stuffed animals. This classic story gently shows kids that loving someone (or something) forever is an important part of our lives. There is a lot to talk about in this story, both to help your child through this time of transition and to help them become critical thinkers.

Amelia Bedelia by Peggy ParishAmelia Bedelia books
by Peggy Parish

These silly stories are based on word play, and help build your child’s vocabulary in a fun way. Your child might be able to read good chunks of these books independently, but reading them together is still a great idea. Amelia takes everything literally, which is a lot of fun for kids this age who are learning the difference between figures of speech and reality—and enjoy the disconnect. Whether she is pitching a tent or confused by a fork in the road, Amelia Bedelia will get your child laughing and give you a chance to talk about the creative ways we use language.

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