4 Simple Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Read with the *Updated* Hooked on Phonics App

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Helping your child learn to read is one of the most exciting parts of being a parent. It can also be one of the most stressful. Reading is a skill that opens the doors of opportunity for kids. But how can we make sure they're on the right track if we're not teachers ourselves? No matter the age or … [Read more...]

Doing Good Nationally: Louisiana Flooding Outreach


  Here at Sandvik Publishing, home of Early Moments and Hooked on Phonics it is important to us to find ways to give back to our community. Our community could be defined by the people in the areas surrounding our office headquarters. In reality, we believe our community stretches as far as … [Read more...]

7 Tips for a Smooth Back-to-School Transition


Nobody likes to see summer end. When I was a kid growing up in New York, school always started the Wednesday after Labor Day. We dreaded it. But by that time the weather was getting cooler; the town pool was closed for the season. You didn’t feel like you were missing out. Nowadays, it seems as if … [Read more...]

Meet the Gordons, a #HookedOnPhonicsFamily

Meet the Gordons, a Hooked on Phonics Family

Not a day goes by that we don't get amazing feedback from customers about our Hooked on Phonics products. Talking with real people about the way our products really truly help their families by empowering children to read is a rewarding (and fun!) part of the job. A Real … [Read more...]

Win Big with our Hooked on Phonics Sweepstakes!

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We're so excited to be able to bring you a super Hooked on Phonics sweepstakes this summer, with one GRAND PRIZE Winner and five RUNNERS UP being announced just in time to go back to school with a new iPad Air and/or a Lifetime Subscription to the Hooked on Phonics Digital Edition! We'd … [Read more...]

Great Books for Toddlers

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When choosing reading material for your one-year-old, cater to her budding independence and imagination with books for toddlers that include Velcro® closures, buttons, snaps, ties, and flaps. Any story that encourages interaction will be a big hit. Toddlers are also enthralled by books with mirrors, … [Read more...]

Essential Reading Activities to Build Skills ( 2 of 4 | Phonics)

Essential Reading Activities to Build Skills (Phonics Activities)

As we mentioned in Monday's post, the National Reading Panel (NRP) identified five areas of reading instruction that must be addressed when teaching children to read. Monday's post was on Phonemic Awareness, the ability to notice, understand, and work with the sounds in words. This post will address … [Read more...]

Essential Reading Activities to Build Skills ( 1 of 4 | Phonemic Awareness)

Essential Reading Activities to Build Skills - Phonemic Awareness

We at Hooked on Phonics hear from many parents about their children's struggles with learning to read. Difficulties with reading can have a negative long-term effect on a children's self-esteem, their desire to learn and succeed in school, and ultimately their success in life. Although there are no … [Read more...]

May Is Get Caught Reading Month

May is Get Caught Reading Month

Did you know, May happens to be Get Caught Reading Month? Get Caught Reading is a campaign sponsored by The Association of American Publishers (AAP) to promote literacy nationwide, with a special focus on children's literacy: Because of research indicating that early language experience actually … [Read more...]

Every Mom is a Superwoman


Do you remember when you learned to read? I've been thinking about this a lot as we approach this Mother's Day. I was with family recently, and we were all talking about what, if any, memories we each had of our first days of reading. Few of us had any memory of the actual learning process. My … [Read more...]