7 Tips for a Smooth Back-to-School Transition


Nobody likes to see summer end. When I was a kid growing up in New York, school always started the Wednesday after Labor Day. We dreaded it. But by that time the weather was getting cooler; the town pool was closed for the season. You didn’t feel like you were missing out. Nowadays, it seems as if … [Read more...]

Essential Reading Activities to Build Skills ( 1 of 4 | Phonemic Awareness)

Essential Reading Activities to Build Skills - Phonemic Awareness

We at Hooked on Phonics hear from many parents about their children's struggles with learning to read. Difficulties with reading can have a negative long-term effect on a children's self-esteem, their desire to learn and succeed in school, and ultimately their success in life. Although there are no … [Read more...]

Are you happy with your child’s school?

School girl working at a desk in a classroom

For more information on increasing school satisfaction, read these posts on: How to tell when your child is struggling in reading in school. How to have a great parent-teacher conference. What parents can do to help their kids grow into confident readers--a toolkit for parents. List of … [Read more...]

How important is it to read to kids?

Mom reading to her child

Learn what your child gets out of being read to. Then turn the tables and discover what parents get out of reading to their kids. List of Polls Next Poll … [Read more...]

What is your child’s biggest struggle at school?

Boy struggling with homework

If your child struggles a bit in certain areas, he or she is not alone! Most children are challenged by one or more aspects of academic life at one point or another. For some, it's learning to read, especially in first grade when the expectations increase for performance. Some will have a hard time … [Read more...]



Where do you stand? Vote in these polls and let your voice be heard! Have an opinion? Share it! Dr. Seuss What's your favorite Dr. Seuss book? Disney Who is your favorite Disney character? Who is your favorite Disney Princess? Who is your favorite Disney villain? Sesame … [Read more...]

A True Story of One Mother’s Love


Okay, a show of hands: How many of you remember the Hooked on Phonics commercial from the 90s? The one with the little red-headed kid chirping, "Hooked on Phonics worked for me!" Okay, now how many of you learned to READ using Hooked on Phonics? Do you remember sitting down with your cassettes and … [Read more...]

Help Your Child Focus: Decreasing Hyperactivity and Distraction


Our modern, busy lifestyles often lead to an unintended consequence for our kids. Rushing from one activity to another, grabbing less-than-nutritious meals along the way, and spending lots of time on screens and not enough on exercise and sleep can all quickly add up to kids who are scattered, … [Read more...]

Screen Time vs. “Me” Time


Here’s something I’ve realized about myself and parenting: Sometimes, I don’t wanna. Which, y’know, is an inconvenient feeling once you’re a parent, because you kinda lose the option. It's at those times a little voice in my head says I should plop the kids in front of a screen and let them "veg" … [Read more...]

How Screen Time is Affecting Your Child, and What to Do About It


Kids are drawn to screens—whether TV, tablet, phone, or computer—like moths to a flame. And it would be tough to find a parent who hasn’t handed over a screen of some sort to keep their child occupied. Like most things in life, a little is fine; but if your child is spending a chunk of time each day … [Read more...]