Meet the Gordons, a #HookedOnPhonicsFamily

Meet the Gordons, a Hooked on Phonics Family

Not a day goes by that we don't get amazing feedback from customers about our Hooked on Phonics products. Talking with real people about the way our products really truly help their families by empowering children to read is a rewarding (and fun!) part of the job. A Real … [Read more...]

What Is My Child’s Learning Style?


Your young learner might already show a preference for learning in a specific way, or you might notice that certain approaches don’t seem to work. This quiz will give you some insight into your child’s learning style. Keep in mind that learning style preferences can change over time as your child … [Read more...]

The Shapes of Letters


Yesterday morning I was tickled to wake up and discover my 4-year-old making the alphabet out of pipe cleaners, and soon the whole family was in on the action. She was really into it, and even rejected her dad's Q for not being quite Q-like. Working with tactile materials to learn letter shapes … [Read more...]

Share and Shared Alike: A Cheat Sheet for Shared Reading

Hooked on Phonics Shared reading

What is shared reading? Shared reading is an interactive reading experience in which children join in reading a story or book, guided by an experienced reader. With Hooked on Phonics shared reading animated stories, we want to mimic this activity as closely as possible. Traditionally, shared … [Read more...]

Full of Vitamin ABCDEFG!


"What does a good early literacy program look like?" That's the question we asked ourselves over and over while designing the new Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Pre-K levels. Well, we knew it had to be all about phonemic awareness. That was the jump-off point. What's phonemic awareness? It's the … [Read more...]

What’s the big deal about phonics?


As you find yourself here on the Hooked on Phonics blog, you might be asking yourself, what is phonics? Phonics is the association between the letters in our alphabet and the sounds in our spoken language. The sound letters make are the building blocks of words. For example, if you know c makes … [Read more...]