4 Simple Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Read with the *Updated* Hooked on Phonics App

Boy with tablet at breakfast table

Helping your child learn to read is one of the most exciting parts of being a parent. It can also be one of the most stressful. Reading is a skill that opens the doors of opportunity for kids. But how can we make sure they're on the right track if we're not teachers ourselves? No matter the age or … [Read more...]

Meet the Gordons, a #HookedOnPhonicsFamily

Meet the Gordons, a Hooked on Phonics Family

Not a day goes by that we don't get amazing feedback from customers about our Hooked on Phonics products. Talking with real people about the way our products really truly help their families by empowering children to read is a rewarding (and fun!) part of the job. A Real … [Read more...]

Essential Reading Activities to Build Skills ( 2 of 4 | Phonics)

Essential Reading Activities to Build Skills (Phonics Activities)

As we mentioned in Monday's post, the National Reading Panel (NRP) identified five areas of reading instruction that must be addressed when teaching children to read. Monday's post was on Phonemic Awareness, the ability to notice, understand, and work with the sounds in words. This post will address … [Read more...]

Essential Reading Activities to Build Skills ( 1 of 4 | Phonemic Awareness)

Essential Reading Activities to Build Skills - Phonemic Awareness

We at Hooked on Phonics hear from many parents about their children's struggles with learning to read. Difficulties with reading can have a negative long-term effect on a children's self-esteem, their desire to learn and succeed in school, and ultimately their success in life. Although there are no … [Read more...]

May Is Get Caught Reading Month

May is Get Caught Reading Month

Did you know, May happens to be Get Caught Reading Month? Get Caught Reading is a campaign sponsored by The Association of American Publishers (AAP) to promote literacy nationwide, with a special focus on children's literacy: Because of research indicating that early language experience actually … [Read more...]

Celebrate Read Across America Day: Printable ‘Tips for Raising a Reader’

Celebrate Read Across America Day

Celebrate Read Across America Day with Tips for Raising a Reader This is a big week for literacy! We celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday AND Read Across America Day on Wednesday March 2nd. The National Education Association declared March 2nd the first annual Read Across America day in 1998, and it has … [Read more...]

21 “Sense-ational” Ways of Teaching Early Reading Skills

Girl reading aloud to her teddy bears

We know that teaching early reading skills using methods that utilize the senses—not just by looking at printed words on a page—is very effective. The good news is that you can do this easily at home. Added bonus: it’s fun, too! Hands-On (Kinesthetic) This active approach helps engage your … [Read more...]

A True Story of One Mother’s Love


Okay, a show of hands: How many of you remember the Hooked on Phonics commercial from the 90s? The one with the little red-headed kid chirping, "Hooked on Phonics worked for me!" Okay, now how many of you learned to READ using Hooked on Phonics? Do you remember sitting down with your cassettes and … [Read more...]

Help Your Child Focus: Decreasing Hyperactivity and Distraction


Our modern, busy lifestyles often lead to an unintended consequence for our kids. Rushing from one activity to another, grabbing less-than-nutritious meals along the way, and spending lots of time on screens and not enough on exercise and sleep can all quickly add up to kids who are scattered, … [Read more...]

How Screen Time is Affecting Your Child, and What to Do About It


Kids are drawn to screens—whether TV, tablet, phone, or computer—like moths to a flame. And it would be tough to find a parent who hasn’t handed over a screen of some sort to keep their child occupied. Like most things in life, a little is fine; but if your child is spending a chunk of time each day … [Read more...]

How to Judge a Just Right Book for Your Child


As easy as it is to buy a book based on the recommended ages listed on it, sometimes it may not be the most appropriate—not a just right book for your child. Your little one may struggle with the text, or maybe he or she will find the content a bit too challenging to grasp. To help you, we have … [Read more...]

Literary S.O.S: How to Spot Signs of a Struggling Reader


Learning to read is an incredibly complex and taxing task for little ones. Their brains are growing and stretching to recognize letters, sounds, words, meaning, and context. It is a rewarding, and sometimes frustrating, experience. Compounding what sometimes feels like a classroom competition are … [Read more...]

Meet 3-Year-Old Ben: A Hooked on Phonics Success Story


While reading through the messages on the Hooked on Phonics Facebook page this morning, I came across this one from Lindsey about her 3-year-old son, Ben, who can read CHAPTER BOOKS. Yes, you read that right! Lindsey graciously agreed to letting me share her Hooked on Phonics success story and this … [Read more...]

Favorite Books from Childhood: Toddler to Third Grader


I'll bet you had a list of favorite books when you were a child. Maybe it was a book that spirited you away to new worlds or introduced you to a character you admired. Maybe you loved the sound of an adult reading to you as you got ready for bed. Perhaps it was the discovery that the words strung … [Read more...]