Babies Go Gaga for Baby Einstein’s 20th Anniversary!

Celebrate Baby Einstein's 20th anniversary!

As a parent, you've likely felt that feeling by now. That, "I turned around and my baby grew up faster than I ever imagined" feeling. We're having that feeling on a broad scale this year, as we celebrate our friendship with the amazing Baby Einstein brand as they celebrate their 20th Anniversary. … [Read more...]

Great Books for Toddlers

mother reading to her toddler

When choosing reading material for your one-year-old, cater to her budding independence and imagination with books for toddlers that include Velcro® closures, buttons, snaps, ties, and flaps. Any story that encourages interaction will be a big hit. Toddlers are also enthralled by books with mirrors, … [Read more...]

Oh the Places You’ll Go DIY Keepsake

Oh the Places DIY Blog header

A while back we posted a sweet idea on Facebook, incorporating one of our absolute favorite Dr. Seuss titles, Oh the Places You'll Go. A super-sweet dad had the adorable idea to use this book as a sort of yearbook for collecting notes from his daughter's teachers throughout the years, and presented … [Read more...]

Letting Go is Good – A Reflection on My First Mother’s Day

First Mother's Day Blog header (1)

Yesterday my husband sweetly mentioned he had a secret plan for Sunday, and that I was forbidden to check the mail today, as something special was due to arrive —and only then did I realize that this year, for the first time, I too, am the object of the mother (no pun intended) of all Hallmark … [Read more...]

Why Read to Kids: Emotional Rewards of Reading Aloud


Why read to kids? The reasons to read aloud to our children are so numerous that we decided to divide them up into different categories. In addition to helping kids' academic skills, there are a whole host of Social and Emotional benefits kids (and parents!) receive from reading together. While … [Read more...]

Reading Skills Toolkit


Is your child is on the right track? Do you know what reading milestones he should be reaching? Learn more about your child's development with these helpful Reading Skills Toolkits. Covering everything from reading to your baby in the womb though transitioning your child through elementary school, … [Read more...]

Reading Milestones: What to Expect at Different Ages


While every child is unique and develops at his or her own pace, there are specific reading milestones that can be helpful for parents to keep in mind as their child grows. And if you have a baby, you're not off the hook. A strong foundation of speech and language development in the early years can … [Read more...]

Reading Skills Toolkit for Babies: Newborn to 6 Months Old


Life with your newborn calls for lots of snuggle time—and adjusting to life with a new baby. You can introduce your little one to the world of language through talking and singing. Enjoy this time together as you both get to know one another. Reading Milestones Many babies 0–6 … [Read more...]

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Rate your child’s current abilities in each area on a scale of 1 to 3. 1: Not yet 2: Making progress 3: Consistently able … [Read more...]

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?


There is no single list of things your child should be able to do before entering kindergarten. And as long as your child meets the age and residency requirements, American public schools must accept your enrollment. Most children will not have already mastered every item in this quiz before … [Read more...]

Reading Skills Toolkit for Expectant Parents


If you’re like most expectant parents, the last few months of pregnancy will be a whirlwind of shopping and preparing—and a whole lot of waiting. In between tasks, you’ll likely feel impatient and anxious for your little one to arrive. While you won’t see your baby’s face until he’s made his debut, … [Read more...]

Reading Skills Toolkit for 1-Year-Olds


If you established a reading routine with your infant, it is probably paying off by now. Your one-year-old can pay attention to stories that are a little longer, and will be interested in pictures of other babies and familiar objects. Keep reading together, and talk with your baby about what you see … [Read more...]

Reading Skills Toolkit for Preschool: 3 Years Old


Your early preschooler’s reading foundation is being strengthened every day. The more you read together and talk about what you are seeing in books and in everyday life, the more you are preparing your child for life as a reader. Reading Milestones Many 3-year-olds can: Recognize … [Read more...]

Reading Skills Toolkit for 2-Year-Olds


Your toddler's language skills are probably growing every day. Talking with your child and reading together are the best ways you can help your child keep growing and learning about the world around you. You might get requests to read the same book over and over; kids this age love the repetition of … [Read more...]