Oh the Places You’ll Go DIY Keepsake

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A while back we posted a sweet idea on Facebook, incorporating one of our absolute favorite Dr. Seuss titles, Oh the Places You'll Go. A super-sweet dad had the adorable idea to use this book as a sort of yearbook for collecting notes from his daughter's teachers throughout the years, and presented … [Read more...]

Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension: The ABCs of Learning to Read in Kindergarten


Sending your little one into that kindergarten classroom is a huge step—for both of you! Much of this year will be about learning how to be a student. That means how to work together in the classroom, how we act in school and in groups, and of course, how to build a strong foundation for reading. … [Read more...]

Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension: The ABCs of Learning to Read for Preschoolers


Preschoolers are busy learning and growing at an incredible pace every day. You’re probably noticing big changes in your little one’s speech—kids this age often have a deeper understanding of their world than we think. (And other times, they make hilarious mistakes with words and other … [Read more...]

Reading Skills Toolkit


Is your child is on the right track? Do you know what reading milestones he should be reaching? Learn more about your child's development with these helpful Reading Skills Toolkits. Covering everything from reading to your baby in the womb though transitioning your child through elementary school, … [Read more...]

Reading Milestones: What to Expect at Different Ages


While every child is unique and develops at his or her own pace, there are specific reading milestones that can be helpful for parents to keep in mind as their child grows. And if you have a baby, you're not off the hook. A strong foundation of speech and language development in the early years can … [Read more...]

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?


There is no single list of things your child should be able to do before entering kindergarten. And as long as your child meets the age and residency requirements, American public schools must accept your enrollment. Most children will not have already mastered every item in this quiz before … [Read more...]

Reading Skills Toolkit for Kindergarten: 5 Years Old


Reading Skills Toolkit for 5 Years Old School is a huge transition for your 5-year-old. Reading books together about this change can help ease any worries your child might have about this new stage. Keep reading and talking at home as much as you can to support your child's literacy … [Read more...]

Reading Skills Toolkit for Preschool: 3 Years Old


Your early preschooler’s reading foundation is being strengthened every day. The more you read together and talk about what you are seeing in books and in everyday life, the more you are preparing your child for life as a reader. Reading Milestones Many 3-year-olds can: Recognize … [Read more...]

Reading Skills Toolkit for 2-Year-Olds


Your toddler's language skills are probably growing every day. Talking with your child and reading together are the best ways you can help your child keep growing and learning about the world around you. You might get requests to read the same book over and over; kids this age love the repetition of … [Read more...]

Reading Skills Toolkit for Preschool: 4 Years Old


Preschoolers are curious about the world around them, and books are a crucial part of helping them learn and grow. Encourage your child's interests and talk about what you are learning together. Your child is beginning to recognize and write letters; you can help by talking about letter sounds, … [Read more...]

Learn to Read First Grade Lesson 1 Visual Phonics Video

Learn to Read First Grade Lesson 1 Visual Phonics Video

For more info: http://www.tryhookedonphonics.comThis video is part of the Hooked on Phonics® Learn to Read First Grade and is designed for children ages 6 to 7. This video uses Visual Phonics to teach -ch and -sh sounds. … [Read more...]

5 Books for Back to School


Ah, the transition back to school-is there anything quite like that mix of fun and fear? For any child who may be feeling some school trepidation, give one of these books a try. Superhero School by Aaron Reynolds. Leonard has heat vision and can hit a baseball into orbit. Where does such a kid … [Read more...]

School Year’s Resolutions

When my nephew came home from his first day of kindergarten, his mother was excited to hear about his day. In the most dejected voice, Zach said, "It was awful. They didn't even teach us how to read." I don't remember much about my first day of kindergarten, but I do remember carrying my orange … [Read more...]