Earth Day Activities Featuring The Lorax

Earth Day Activities with the Lorax
Earth Day is a time to observe more than a holiday we celebrate. Still, there are so many fun things to do on Earth Day with children to introduce them to important issues that relate to our earth and environment, and keeping both protected and healthy. Check out this selection of Earth Day activities for ideas on how to introduce kids to environmental education, and have fun with it!

We Love The Lorax


The Lorax is a classic children’s story by Dr. Seuss that has long been used to illustrate the devastation that can happen when humans neglect the environment. This insightful book is set in the barren future, where the unseen Once-ler recounts how the problems of today are caused by cutting down all the beautiful Truffula Trees despite the warning of the Lorax. This wonderful story encourages readers to care for the environment, while providing hope that the world can be changed if enough of us care enough to make a positive difference. Read the story with your children, or watch the original video version together, then discuss as a family! You might want to ask some thoughtful prompting questions when discussing the story with your children.


Online Games

As a follow-up, you may invite your kiddos to play some Lorax-themed games online.



Coloring & Activity Pages

Enjoy these activity pages, including word games, writing prompts, matching and mazes. Plus coloring pages for kids (or adults, these days!).

Please remember to print double-sided, and only print as many as you’ll truly use (the Lorax thanks you)!

Lorax Coloring Page 1
Lorax Coloring Page 2
Lorax Coloring Page 3
Lorax Activity Page 1
Lorax Activity Page 2
Lorax Activity Page 3
Lorax Activity Page 4
Lorax Activity Page 5
Lorax Activity Page 6



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