Emotional Rewards of Reading Aloud to Your Second Grader

Adult Experiencing the Emotional Rewards of Reading Aloud to Second Graders

For many kids, second grade brings the excitement and challenge of reading books with fewer pictures and more words–chapter books. Kids also spend more time learning about their world through non-fiction books. But that doesn’t mean that the emotional rewards of reading aloud to your 7-year-old should be overlooked.

  • boy and girl reading togetherHelping your child find titles that interest them is essential at this age. Build on their interests in choosing new books, but let him know that it’s okay to stop reading a self-selected book if they don’t like it after the first chapter. Reading at home should be fun.
  • Keep reading out loud. Choose longer chapter books that your child can’t read on his own, and talk about the ideas and events you come across as you read together.
  • Share your excitement about books you liked as a child. If a book you liked is too difficult for your child to read alone, read it again together.

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