Emotional Rewards of Reading Aloud to a First Grader

 6-year-old girl enjoying the emotional Rewards of Reading AloudThe emotional rewards of reading aloud to your 6-year-old are many–for both you and your child. Kids this age typically can read on their own. Most are proud to show off their newly acquired skills to an appreciative audience of parents, siblings, and grandparents. Taking turns reading aloud can help your child build both her confidence and endurance for reading.

  • Brother and sister readingReading opens up new worlds for your child. At home, let your child choose books that are interesting to him so that he remembers that reading is fun and worth the effort.
  • Reading out loud to children this age is still very important, even if your child can read independently; it’s a great way to connect after a busy day.
  • Be sure to praise your child’s attempts at reading, and support them as they work to build their skills.

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