Emotional Rewards of Reading to Your Baby

Baby playing with mom
Congratulations! You and your baby have made it through the first year of late-night feedings and sleepless nights. At 1, your baby is much more aware of the world around him, and the emotional rewards of reading to your baby have evolved. Reading books can continue to be a treasured part of your little one’s routine, helping build your child’s social-emotional skills in several ways:

  • Baby looking at a bookReading books to your 1-year-old helps your child begin to understand stories and appreciate humor.
  • Including a book as part of a naptime and bedtime routine is a great way to incorporate reading.
  • Books can keep your child busy for a few minutes when you need a distraction on a long car ride or waiting at a restaurant or doctor’s office. Just keep a few of your baby’s favorite board or cloth books on hand, as his attention span is most likely still quite short at this age.

Read our Reading Skills Toolkit for 1-Year-Olds.

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