Prenatal Reading: The Emotional Rewards

Pregnant mom reading with her older child
Have you ever thought about the emotional benefits you can receive from taking a minute out of your day to sit down and read aloud to your “baby bump”? It might sound silly, but there are many reasons to try it.

Emotional Benefits

  • Pregnant woman readingReading gives you an excuse to put your feet up—a welcome relief if you have swollen ankles or feet!
  • It relaxes you—and your baby. Reading or singing forces you to breathe more deeply and regularly.
  • It builds excitement about being able to share favorite childhood books with your little bundle when he or she finally arrives.
  • It helps other family members, including daddy-to-be or sibling, bond with the baby.
  • Reading helps you focus and calm your mind, which is especially good to practice before giving birth.
  • It helps establish a healthy habit of reading even before your baby is born.

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