Emotional Rewards of Reading to Your Child: 5 Years Old

Mom enjoying the emotional rewards of reading aloud to her son at the library
As your 5-year-old is most likely thinking about starting school, reading can be an emotionally rewarding way to reconnect for both parent and child:
  • boy reading at homeAs your child starts school, she will be exposed to reading in a more academic way. But keeping it personal and fun at home is important.
  • In many ways, your kindergartner is an independent, self-sufficient little person, but she still craves a sense of closeness and intimacy with you.
  • It’s important to set aside time to share a book with your child in order to slow down and reconnect.
  • Choose books that will help your child through the changes and expectations she is facing, like starting schoolsharing and cooperating, and even losing teeth!

Read our Reading Skills Toolkit for Kindergarten.

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