Five Reasons to Love Elmo (in honor of his birthday!)

Elmo_HugingEveryone’s favorite furry red monster is turning 3 1/2! In honor of the momentous occasion, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 reasons kids (and their parents!) just can’t get enough of the little guy.


1. He’s not afraid to try new things.

Much like a toddler, Elmo spends his time exploring the world around him. He loves learning new words, trying different activities and foods, and meeting exciting people. Do you remember when he tried rollerblading? Or when he tried kiwi fruit for the first time? Or how about the time he tried to scare Julia Roberts? He’s a terrific role model when it comes to encouraging your child  to try new things!

Elmo Tries Rollerblading

2. He’s a good friend.

This social little monster enjoys hanging out with goldfish, butterflies, celebrities, and Muppets alike. His approachable manner, upbeat personality, and open-mindedness make it easy for Elmo to make friends.

Four Muppet Friends

3. He makes learning fun and funny.

Elmo has been known to rap his ABCs and count quacky ducks in a western shirt to keep kids excited about learning.

Elmo Counts Ducks

4. He’s got the moves.

Have you ever danced the Elmo Slide? Jigged to Elmo’s Got the Moves? Elmo helps us all dance our way through the kitchen to make little ones giggle.

Elmo Dancing on the Beach

5. Elmo never ages.

Every single year, we love to celebrate Elmo’s birthday with you! Check out the birthday party headband craft and coloring pages on our Pinterest board, PLUS a special offer for TODAY ONLY (2/3/16). Get a FREE Keepsake Elmo & Cookie Monster Growth Chart (with book purchase) and keep track of your child’s milestones with adorable stickers as he or she grows.

Elmo's Birthday Offer

Join us in wishing Elmo a Happy Birthday from his friends at Early Moments! And don’t be shy, share with us what your family loves about Elmo!

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