Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

Hey–did you know it was Beverly Cleary’s birthday? I just found out, too! I adore Beverly Cleary. She was a staple in my path to loving reading as a child. My sisters Mary and Karen gave me the Ramona Quimby book set for Christmas in 2nd grade and I fell in love.

I still think of Ramona every time I put on a pair of pantyhose. There is a moment in one of the books where she wants to be an actress on tv so she quotes a commercial that is making fun of drooping hose. She quotes it to her teacher, ABOUT her teacher’s saggy pantyhose. It is not well-received. I could always relate to talking without thinking, a specialty of Ramona’s.

There is also the Ralph S. Mouse series which we read in school. Who wouldn’t love a mouse whose initial S stands for SMART?!

If you didn’t read Beverly Cleary and any of her Newbery Honor books as a child or if you’re children aren’t reading her now, time to check her out. You can’t go wrong.

Happy Birthday, Beverly, and thanks for all the great stories!


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