DIY for Daddy – A Homemade Father’s Day Gift

Father's Day Keepsake Photo Shoot

Father’s Day is just a few days away! We won’t judge if you haven’t yet squared away what you’ll be doing to celebrate the dads in your life.  Instead, we’d love to offer an idea for a sweet, sentimental homemade Father’s Day gift that you can create with your little one for any dad (or grandfather!) to cherish. If you’ve got a digital camera, you have all you’ll need to make this cute DIY happen.

Daddy might get gifts on Father’s Day, and might choose to spend some quality time with his kids. Why don’t you make sure he also remembers this Father’s Day for years to come with a photo collage that he’ll treasure as a window into the past. Nothing like a photo to capture the milestones!

FathersDay Craft

Keepsake Photo Shoot

This project requires very little, and can be done a number of ways. You may choose to take repeated photos of one child, or you may choose to take photos of different children (or even pets!) to achieve the final product that will mean the most to the daddy you will be celebrating.

First, gather some materials. You may use two different approaches for the letters that are used to spell out your message. We’ve included a printable set of letters here, with everything you’ll need to spell out “I LOVE DAD” or “I LOVE DADDY”. You could also draw your own letters and encourage your children to decorate them for a personal touch. We suggest you print on card stock, or do as we’ve done here and print your letters on computer paper and mount them on something slightly sturdier (especially if you’re taking photos with a wiggly baby!).

You will need:


  1. Print this document on card stock or heavy paper (or print on computer paper and mount to a heavier stock).
  2. Cut out each letter and the heart image along the dotted lines.
  3. Style and take a series of photos on your digital camera with one child holding each letter, multiple children holding each letter, or even pets “holding” letters, to spell out your message of choice. The letters included here will spell DAD/DADDY, I LOVE DAD or I LOVE DADDY.
  4. Arrange the photos together to create your word or phrase of choice either physically (printed) or digitally.
  5. Use your photo collage to create an adorable printable gift, personalized card or keepsake for Father’s Day.


DIY Photo craft for Daddy


And hold on to those “outtakes” – they might just be the cutest pictures in the bunch!

We’d love to see your finished collages! Share them with us using hashtag #EarlyMomentsWithDad to be featured on our social pages!

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