Last Minute Easter Activities for Family Fun

Last Minute Easter Fun
Easter weekend is here, and for many, it means time spent with family, special treats, and traditions. Some parents have been planning activities for weeks—filling Easter baskets and plotting schemes for the antics of the clever Easter bunny who will visit their homes. But if you, like most, don’t yet have elaborate plans, let us help you with last minute Easter activities to brighten your weekend.

Hop to it!

Show these funny bunnies to your little ones this Easter weekend for some springtime laughs. We dare you not to giggle when the bunny climbs up mom’s shorts!

Last Minute Easter Treats

Did you, like many, pin tons of adorable Easter treat ideas to your “Cute Easter Ideas” Pinterest board and never get around to actually making a thing? Here are some festive treats that won’t take much time or energy, if you’re looking for fun ways to celebrate and keep the kiddos out of trouble this weekend. If nothing else, it’s a good excuse to take your pancake game to the next level, or make s’mores in March.

  1. Bird’s Nest Treats from EverMine Occasions
  2. Bunny Bum Pancakes from Taste of Home
  3. Peep-No-Mores (Peeps S’Mores) from Tasty Kitchen
  4. Baby Chick Cheese Balls from Hungry Happenings

Fun for Every Bunny

Do you have a favorite springtime or Easter story in your house? This weekend would be a great time to read a bunny book. Or if your kiddos have spring fever and tons of energy, act out a story together. Nothing says family togetherness like Dad hopping like a bunny through the living room as a little one narrates!


Or—check out our adorable Sock Bunny craft that you might just be able to pull together with items you already have at home. Download the instructions in a PDF or click the image below. This is one way to up-cycle the socks that are eaten by the laundry monster!

Sock Bunny Craft

You deserve a relaxing weekend spent with those you love and a few jelly beans for good measure. So, however you choose to spend the weekend, Happy Easter to you!

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