Monday Inspiration — Dogs Helping Kids Learn to Read


Dogs don’t judge. They don’t make fun. And they’re always ready to lend an ear (or two). What better audience for a child who needs some extra reading practice?

As a recent study shows, the family pet might be just the teaching tool your child needs to help make him a confident reader! Children who read out loud to dogs over a 10-week period saw improvements of 12% vs. those kids who did not read to a dog. And I’m sure the dogs had fun too — especially if the reading was accompanied by a scratch behind the ears or a pat on the head.

Reading to a dog means a chance to read without a fear of making mistakes, or worries about struggles or hesitation. It’s an opportunity to practice freely and openly, with an attentive audience always at the ready.

Has your child ever tried it?

Would it work with a cat or a bird (maybe not a parrot)? What do you think?

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