Bonding Time: Creating a Cozy Reading Nook Checklist

Two little boys reading to their teddy bears in their cozy reading nook.
You don’t need every item on this checklist to create a cozy reading nook for you and your child, but the key ingredients are here!

Mom and boy reading a Disney bookChoose a good space.
 A corner away from the action is best for any reading nook.
 Good lighting is key! A window is great, but lights your child can turn on and off are also important.
 Just the right size: be sure there’s room for comfy chairs and pillows, plus bookshelves or cubbies.
Personalize it for your child.
 Choose favorite colors and a theme together.
 Try a picture ledge where your child can display current favorites. This will keep the reading nook fresh and will help it grow with your child.
Gather inspiration.
 Google, Pinterest,, and blogs are all bursting with great reading nook ideas.
 Browse through pictures with your child and flag what you like so you’re both on the same page.
Boy reading outside on a swingDon’t be afraid to get creative.
 In a temporary place, or short on room for a permanent nook? Try a small play tent with book bins and pillows. Move it around—or outside—as you like.
 Work with what you have. Rearrange a bookshelf or throw a sheet over a table, and you can create a great reading nook space.

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