Sticks and Stones: Books that Tackle Bullying

Bullying—it’s not just “kids being kids” anymore. The conversation and attitude surrounding schoolyard teasing, name-calling and intimidation has changed drastically in recent years. No longer viewed as an isolated problem or a coming-of-age inevitability, school boards, teachers and parents are continually working together to create respectful environments for kids of all ages.

But bullying can be a complex form of harassment—and it’s something that kids may not even recognize at first. Help them learn how to spot signs of social trouble with these age-appropriate books featuring outrageous characters, which can all be found in Early Moments’ Disney and Dr. Seuss Book Clubs.

Need more resources?

Worried your child may be having trouble at school with teasing, name-calling and other forms of intimidation? Here are a few resources to help parents gather the tools they need to be an advocate in the classroom, on the playground, on the Internet, and everywhere else help is needed:

If a flag has been raised by a parent, teacher or coach about your child’s behavior, what can be done to curb bullying? School-age politics are so fluid that today’s target may be tomorrow’s aggressor. Rosalind Wiseman, the brilliant author of Queen Bees and Wannabees (the book upon which Mean Girls is based), has some excellent tips to address bullish behaviour at home. Read them here.

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