9 Delightful DIY Disney, Dr. Seuss and Sesame Street Character Costumes

DIY Halloween Character Costumes

October is here! Ask any child on the street what that means, and inevitably the answer is "Halloween!!". As the weather grows cooler, the big question looms: The old standbys remain: ghost, vampire, witch, pumpkin. But maybe your child wants something a bit different this year. We thought we'd … [Read more...]

Which Sesame Street Character Should You Be for Halloween?

Sesame Street gang

The fun-loving and diverse characters from everyone’s childhood show, Sesame Street, make for great costume inspiration for Halloween. Not sure which character to dress as? This cute quiz will match your responses to the character to best suit you. Everyone will love your adorable look and you’ll … [Read more...]

5 Costumes Your Little One Should Avoid

halloween costumes for kids

Halloween is a special time of year. Almost every child looks forward to it. And why shouldn’t they? There’s pumpkin carving, festive parties, spooky decorations, CANDY GALORE, and of course, the COSTUMES! Before deciding upon the perfect costume for your little one, please follow these tips to … [Read more...]