Super Seussisms: Quotable Quotes from Dr. Seuss

Seussisms - Quotable Quotes from Dr. Seuss and his Stories

Dr. Seuss had a unique ability to write for children and speak to everyone. His books were artfully written with often silly, melodious rhyme, but the ideas he conveyed were big - and apply to children and adults alike. This makes him a particularly "quotable" author. We've put together a selection … [Read more...]

Which Sesame Street Character Should You Be for Halloween?

Sesame Street gang

The fun-loving and diverse characters from everyone’s childhood show, Sesame Street, make for great costume inspiration for Halloween. Not sure which character to dress as? This cute quiz will match your responses to the character to best suit you. Everyone will love your adorable look and you’ll … [Read more...]

Which Emotion Are You?


On any given day most of us experience a range of different emotions, depending on what’s going on in our lives. But have you ever wondered which Emotion from Disney/Pixar’s movie Inside Out does the driving at the console in your mind? Take this insightful quiz to find out! LET’S GET … [Read more...]

Which Dr. Seuss Character Are You?


Always quirky and memorable, a Dr. Seuss character has a wacky personality that often bears resemblance to people we know. Take this fun 7-question quiz to find out which Dr. Seuss character you are most like. Then share your results with your friends . . . and why not have them take the Dr. Seuss … [Read more...]