Reading in a Winter Wonderland


Who doesn't love a good snow day? Okay, maybe being trapped inside with a pack of restless kids isn't exactly a spa day, but being snowed in is a perfect time to get the family together and read! After a long day of ice skating and snowball fights, your kids will love to snuggle up on the couch … [Read more...]

Dr. Seuss Themed Party Ideas!

Boys and girls celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday

Dr. Seuss Party Ideas If your little one is a big time Seuss fan and it's his or her birthday, there's so much fun to be had. If you are looking for the perfect way to celebrate with Dr. Seuss themed party ideas, you're in the right place. Here are just a few tips for creating an adorable, tasty, … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Make Favorite Books Stand Out

Boy looking at favorite books

My Story My wife had this idea for our wedding. First, we scoured the city and bought 100 or so copies of our favorite books. Then, we embossed them with the words "Dan and Andrea's Wedding" and used them as centerpieces at the tables. At the end of the festivities, guests each left with a copy of … [Read more...]

Children’s Books I Love, Father’s Day Edition

Bark George

In belated honor of Father's Day, it's time to share my favorite children's books, otherwise known as "Books Kids Love, and Ones This Dad Loves to Read to Them." How does a book make it on this super exclusive list? It's simple. First, it has to be something my kids love. Both of my kids have … [Read more...]

Write One Yourself

Ever been reading a picture book to one of your kids and thought to yourself, "Who wrote this garbage?" Ever walked the aisles of your local bookstore, stunned by the tonnage of tomes on the shelves, and thought, "I could do better than this." I haven't done an official survey, but I imagine … [Read more...]

End of Summer Reading List

I've always enjoyed seeing reading lists. But while I browse through other folks recommendations, there's part of me that's editing as I go, thinking everything from, "Great choice, love it!" to "What? Are they insane?" So now that I've been given a forum in which to spout my views, I couldn't … [Read more...]

Great Books to Read Aloud


Looking for some good books to read aloud to your child? Here are a few to get you started. Miss Spider's Tea Party, by David Kirk. Whenever my daughter lets me choose bedtime books, I reach for this lovely book. The art is gorgeous, and the verse flows off the tongue with rhymes like: Her … [Read more...]

The Top 100 Picture Books of All Time


Recently the wonderful blog A Fuse #8 Production created what could possibly be the definitive list of the Top 100 Picture Books of All Time. Fuse #8's Elizabeth Bird invited her readers to submit lists of their top ten picture books of all time. I saw blog posts and tweets far and wide from … [Read more...]