Emotional Rewards of Reading Aloud to Your Second Grader

adult reading to second graders

For many kids, second grade brings the excitement and challenge of reading books with fewer pictures and more words--chapter books. Kids also spend more time learning about their world through non-fiction books. But that doesn't mean that the emotional rewards of reading aloud to your 7-year-old … [Read more...]

This Blog Is Broken


I'm happy to introduce guest blogger Jonathan Maier, author of two Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read: Second Grade books, My Giant Bunny and the incredible This Book Is Broken. Thinking too much about This Book Is Broken is a bit like thinking too much about time travel.  do it for too long and it … [Read more...]

A Book in Verse: Shoes in the Night


As we started redesigning Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read, one thing we wanted to do was present new reading challenges for kids as they progress through the system. In addition to introducing more complex sentence structure and longer paragraphs, we had a few other, more playful ideas. One was to … [Read more...]

The Best Books about Bunnies


What is it about bunnies? They're so cute, so lovable, and somehow they always manage to make for a great children's book. Here are some favorites (old and new) that your child will love, too! My Giant Bunny by Russell Ginns and Jonathan Maier A favorite from our own Second Grade edition of … [Read more...]