The Shapes of Letters

Yesterday morning I was tickled to wake up and discover my 4-year-old making the alphabet out of pipe cleaners, and soon the whole family was in on the action. She was really into it, and even rejected her dad’s Q for not being quite Q-like.

Working with tactile materials to learn letter shapes is a big part of Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Pre-K. There are endless fun ways to explore letter shapes with your child, like:
Decorate an apple with As.
Glue buttons on a board to make Bs.
Create a C out of clay.
Dish out a D with dish soap.
Erase an E from an envelope.
You get the idea. In addition to Learn to Read Pre-K, another great resource for letter activities and ways to have fun with your preschooler is the wonderful blog No Time For Flash Cards. Be sure to check out the Letter of the Week activities.
Oh, and one important safety note: always wear your superhero goggles when doing any alphabetic work with pipe cleaners.


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