Trip Down Memory Lane

Before the kids run off to school, it’s time to answer the age-old question, “What did you do on your summer vacation?” The answer can be the catalyst for a nice memento that doubles as a writing activity to get your young one primed for school. Here are a couple ideas to get you started.

Vacation Journal
Did you take a special trip this summer? Why not make a journal to remember it? Print out some of your best vacation photos and have your child glue them onto sheets of colored construction paper. Encourage your child to think about the order of the pictures, they can be chronological, in order of favorite moments, or arranged to tell a story about the trip. Then have your child write a sentence or two to go with each picture, adding as much detail as possible along the way. Bind with string or staples and voil ! It’s a keepsake to read throughout the year.

Summer Story Starter
Ask your child questions about the summer. Where was her favorite place to visit? Who did he like to hang out with? What did she like to play? What kind of weather was his favorite? Use all of the answers to start a story, weaving your child’s summertime favorites into the details, including character, plot, and location. Write down the story then have your child go to town with the illustrations.

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