Watch out world, we’re back!

Hooked on Phonics is getting back to its roots. We’ve been around for 20+ years, and we made a big splash back in the day with our famous catch phrase, “It worked for me!” Starting today, we’re back on the air with a new infomercial airing all across the country. With 20 years under our belt, kids who used Hooked on Phonics way back then are now all grown up, and some of them are even raising kids of their own! We tracked down some people who had used Hooked on Phonics when they learned to read, to hear what they are doing now and how Hooked on Phonics worked for them.

Our new infomercial features a young lady who learned to read at school with Hooked on Phonics 10 years ago. Her name is Shavonda Gates. You can hear her inspiring story by watching for our show on TLC and Hallmark Channel, to name a few.

Here is another story from Nicole Callan.

“As children, my brother and I were excited to learn long before we went to school, and my parents were always looking for ways to encourage us. Whether we were racing down the sidewalk or practicing for Little League, we were always competing, and learning to read was no exception. As the older sibling, my brother went to preschool first. My parents knew that I desperately wanted to go with him, but it would be another year before I would be old enough. Instead, my parents bought me Hooked on Phonics, and I made it past a first-grade reading level before he did! Hooked on Phonics fostered my excitement for learning at a young age, and I still remember the confidence I felt when it was finally my turn to get on the school bus.
Over a decade later, I graduated from high school in Newtown, Pennsylvania, and moved to New York to study political economy at New York University. I finished college in three and a half years and moved to Washington, DC, after graduation. Currently, I work in the United States Senate, and my bookshelf continues to grow!
“When I hear about Hooked on Phonics, it still puts a smile on my face. If you have a child who wants to learn, Hooked on Phonics will work for her!”

Did you or someone you know learn to read through Hooked on Phonics? Let us know! We’d love to share your story.

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