Why Read to Kids: Emotional Rewards of Reading Aloud


Why read to kids? The reasons to read aloud to our children are so numerous that we decided to divide them up into different categories. In addition to helping kids’ academic skills, there are a whole host of Social and Emotional benefits kids (and parents!) receive from reading together. While these are just a few, click on your child’s age below to specific age-related emotional reasons why we should read to kids.

  1. Mom reading to childrenIt helps with bonding.
  2. It allows families to reconnect.
  3. It makes children feel supported.
  4. It’s relaxing.
  5. Reading books exposes children to new worlds and ways of thinking.
  6. It gives parents and kids the opportunity to communicate what’s important to them. It gives kids the chance to be heard.
  7. Reading aloud gives kids a safe place to try out their new reading skills, helping to build their confidence.
  8. It helps with focus.
  9. It makes kids feel important and special.
  10. Reading helps families slow down.
  11. It provides opportunities for physical closeness.
  12. It can help children work out real-life problems they may be facing and give parents insight as to their children’s challenges and concerns.
Click on your child’s age below to read the full article on Why Read to Kids: The Emotional Rewards.

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